Fundraising for us means you’re partnering with an organisation committed to making a real difference. This is why.

Positive change starts with people like you. Fundraising for Transcend is an empowering way to contribute to what matters, to create lasting change and be a part of a community that shares your passion.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do. What you do makes a difference to people’s lives, to know there is this support, knowledge, care out there.

Without this organisation I’m not sure how I would have navigated being the parent of a trans child. Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for being there. We need you.

Starting Your Fundraising Journey ↓

Together we can achieve more and create lasting change.

Weddings, Birthdays, Pride and Special Occasions
Ask friends, family or colleagues to support your fundraiser in lieu of gifts to mark a special occasion or to celebrate Pride events.

Start a fundraiser on Facebook
It’s so easy to create a fundraiser on Facebook. Begin your Facebook post and select Raise Money which you’ll find in Add To Your Post selections. Search for and select Transcend Australia Ltd, then post your fundraiser. Easy!

Create a CrowdRaiser
Create a CrowdRaiser through GiveNow or My Cause. It’s easy to set up, share on social media and email. Get your family, friends and community involved. You can even ask friends, relatives or colleagues to sponsor you in a personal challenge.

Host a Fundraising Event
Host a Fundraising Event at work, at your gym or elsewhere! And have fun while doing it.

We are so grateful for contributions to Transcend Australia to help us provide excellent resources and programs for the families and young people we support. You are not just raising money; you are also joining a community of passionate individuals who want to make the world a better and safer place for trans and gender diverse people.

We are grateful for any donations and contributions, celebrate and support through giving.

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