Being a parent is an incredible privilege. It can bring the greatest joy, the deepest love, and sometimes presents us with challenges we simply feel unprepared for.
— Rebekah Robertson OAM

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Transcend Australia was founded in 2012 by Rebekah Robertson OAM, the proud mother of Georgie Stone OAM. Transcend was the first national family support network to be formed in Australia and since 2012 we have supported thousands of families on their journey to support and affirm their trans, gender diverse and non-binary children and young people. Our organisation is rooted in community led action through the provision of peer support, the development of evidence based resources and social connection.

Transcend Australia has grown and evolved into a national registered charity and not for profit community controlled organisation that provides programs and services to families and their trans young people. Transcend Australia works to support families, so that they can best support their children, as family support is critical to ensure that trans young people can enjoy better health outcomes as they age. Transcend Australia works systematically to advocate for change to address the health disparities experienced by trans people.

Transcend has helped us understand the needs of our daughter, particularly at a time when it was just beginning to happen and was overwhelming. By being connected to a welcoming and informed community it has helped us gain knowledge and provided peer support. — Transcend Parent

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