Support for the Voice to Parliament 

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Posted: 12 September 2023
00:00:00 AEST

The Prime Minister has announced the date to vote for the referendum to be the 14th of October 2023. The question is to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

At Transcend Australia, we value self-determination, integrity and justice. We truly believe that First Nations people should be deciding in what ways their recognition in the constitution should look like. However, as a non-Aboriginal community controlled organisation we believe that it is also part of our responsibility to be in solidarity with First Nations people.

We listened and learned from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activists, colleagues and organisations in the last few months to understand their positioning on the upcoming referendum.

We stand alongside our colleagues at BlaQ, Black Rainbow, VACCA, VACHHO and the 83% of First Nations people who support a “yes” vote in the upcoming referendum.

Our position is rooted in the belief that a resounding “yes” majority will send a resolute message to law makers from the wider community—a message that advocates for a more just and equitable future for First Nations people. A YES vote will create momentum for just reforms that will lead to changes to ensure that First Nations people are respected, listened to and treated with dignity.

At Transcend Australia, we firmly believe in the value of equity. People should have what they need to thrive, and nobody should be left behind regardless of income, sexuality, race, gender, or geography. Voting Yes can help to make our system fairer so that everyone has a chance to be heard.

This is an important step towards a society that respects First Nations people and culture. When we include Aboriginal ideas and perspectives in our democratic process, we will all benefit.

We want a country that values all people.   

As we look ahead, we are mindful that the referendum is just one step in a longer journey to self-determination for First Nations people. The referendum marks a milestone, but our commitment to this will extend beyond its outcome.

We say YES for the Voice to Parliment.