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Trans, gender diverse, non-binary and gender questioning children, adolescents and young people are celebrated, embraced and supported here at Transcend Australia. We know that our kids are happier, more resilient and can thrive and flourish when they are loved, respected and affirmed.

Being gender diverse is a beautiful example of natural human diversity. When a young person is able to affirm their gender, it can be a source of great comfort, personal empowerment and joy. For a young person to vocalise their feelings about their gender identity and experience to family can take a lot of courage and a lot of trust in loved ones. Many young people fear how their family might react, especially as there is a great deal of misinformation about the lives of gender diverse people in society. Being gender diverse is not a mental illness, however rejection, marginalisation, stigma and discrimination can have negative impacts on mental health. When a child comes out to you, they need you now more than ever. They need you to be their safe place.

Learning your child is gender diverse or questioning their gender can be scary, confronting and isolating for parents and carers. You may be feeling overwhelmed or shocked. Or, your child’s gender identity may make perfect sense to you. You may feel all of these things at once and not know what to do next.

You’re not alone. There are families and young people across Australia seeking help, connecting with one another and finding professional assistance through Transcend Australia. To get support please get in touch with us.

You can also download the following helpful Transcend Australia guides:

Transcend Guide for Parents and Carers
Transcend Guide for Schools
Transcend Student Affirmation Plan

"Transcend has helped us understand the needs of our daughter, particularly at a time when it was just beginning to happen and was overwhelming. By being connected to a welcoming and informed community it has helped us gain knowledge and provided peer support." - Transcend parent
"I spoke with Transcend in my hardest week. I was lost trying to find someone to talk to who had some understanding of what I was going through. Transcend was amazing." - Transcend parent