“Transcend has put ‘success’ into the experience of being trans.”

Isabelle (17yrs)

“Transcend has helped us understand the needs of our daughter, particularly at a time when it was just beginning to happen and was overwhelming. By being connected to a welcoming and informed community it has helped us gain knowledge and provided peer support.”

Transcend Parent

“We are a courageous community. We understand that there is strength in vulnerability, and we are authentic.”

Transcend Parent

“Transcend creates safe spaces for families that celebrate gender diversity and gives me the tools and opportunities to be my authentic self.”


“What I needed most was for my parents to be there, to know what was happening, to protect me and look after me. So, we need for parents to be supported.”


“My family was empowered by the guidance of the Transcend community.
I was empowered to use my voice”