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There is so much to learn from connecting with someone's story

Transcend Australia has collated this list to help you find the books, zines, comics, graphic novels, podcasts and programs that will guide and inform you, your child, family, friends, colleagues and communities in understanding gender diversity better.

This list has reading material for children, teens/young adults, parents/carers and allies, covering fiction and non-fiction.  Everyone has their own tastes and preferences so we have gathered a wide range to select from. It’s not an exhaustive list  and are simply suggestions. This collection is an opportunity for you to gather information, discover and learn. 

Explore at your own pace. 


Four Corners: Being Me
Four Corners: Not a Boy Not a Girl
Australian Story: About A Girl
Australian Story: A Balancing Act
ABC TV: First Day
Netflix: Disclosure
Netflix: The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone (Release 2022)